We build scalable
web applications

and equip you to do the same. build for growth.

Our team works with companies whose web application or software is the core of their product or service. Said another way, we're not typically building MVPs or responsive websites (though we can). Our expertise is helping you build your product for growth.

CTO-Level Direction & Technical Strategy

Fortis Riders provides the world’s top secure chauffeured service. As a high-growth company, they needed additional development resources and strategic, CTO-level direction during a transitional time on their engineering team. Our team partnered with Fortis to build a technical strategy and prepare their suite of apps and feature roadmap for significant growth.

Fortis iOS Application Screenshot
Fortis iOS Application Screenshot

the best showcase of email design

Really Good Emails is the best showcase of email design and resources on the web. An incredibly successful media service, their team saw an opportunity to drive revenue by engaging their user base and activating new types of users. They brought our team on to completely re-build their product with a focus on scalability.

Really Good Emails Application Screenshot

learn programming in a classroom or online

For The Iron Yard, Our team built a proprietary learning and classroom management system for the largest code school in the world, featuring customizable and versioned learning paths, outcomes-focused reporting and features to enable both traditional and flipped classroom formats.

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The Iron Yard Application Screenshot

About us

We build for growth

Our founders have built, scaled and sold multiple businesses, so growth is in our blood. Our passion is helping companies build and scale products that are core to their business. For us, excellent software is a byproduct of excellent business decisions. From security audits to test coverage and feature roadmaps, our team is fully equipped to help scale your product.

We train apprentices for hire

At Division of Labor, we are passionate about mentorship and run a top-notch apprenticeship program. Instead of creating artificial talent scarcity, we encourage our clients to hire apprentices who already have a deep understanding of their products and experience with the team. Ultimately, our apprenticeship program helps our clients grow their product and their team at the same time.

Our team

For us, building great software is the art of solving business problems—excellent code is simply the byproduct. From running multi-million dollar marketing budgets to 1-person startups, our team has a long history of using, purchasing and, of course, building software for companies.

Perhaps that’s why we’re daring enough to tell you if we don’t think you need us.

What It's Like To Work With Us

We're a hard-working team that delights in solving difficult problems. We laugh a lot. We have extremely high standards for our work, but we don't take ourselves too seriously.

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Give us a call at +1 (347) 450-3054.

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